Japan showcases a joint exhibition of Taiwanese exhibitors

This is an exhibition of international art and cultural exchanges, and you are invited to come and enjoy it!

【Exhibition time】

  • February 12 (Wed) to March 28 (Sat), 109

【Exhibiting painters】

  • Narita Zhensuke, Sato Yuji, Chen Ruifu, Yang Chuanghua, Zhou Tianlong, Lin Zhixin, Hu Shuying, Zhang Fuzhi, Pan Zhihong, Lin Wenzhen, Zheng Huimei, Zhou Yingu, Lu Yiqun, Su Jianan, Li Xuefu, Su Shumin, Xie Huiqi, Hong Sulian, Chen Mingzhao, Ng Kundai

【Opening time】

  • February 22, 109 (Saturday) 10:00 am

Bamboo and plum source art space
No. 130, Cihui 8th Street, Renwu District, Kaohsiung City
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:30-18:30

"Taichung Dialect" Art Lecture


  • February 22, 109 (Saturday) 10:30am-16:00pm.


  • Narita Zhensuke is the chairman of the Japan Association.
  • Yuji Sato is the executive director of the Japan Society.

【Lecture method】

  • The first stage
    Appreciate all the works in the on-site group exhibition.
  • second stage
    Open to attend. Pre-registration is required, and participants bring their paintings for purchase, evaluation and appreciation by the speaker.

Words in the picture. Art Comes to Lecture - Thanks for the time


Interview Date: Thursday, 2/20/108. Interview media: legal reporters

Interview date: February 22, 108 (Sat). Interview media: Human TV reporter
Broadcast date: February 25, 108 (Tuesday), 12:00 noon, 5:00 pm, 12:00 pm
Broadcast channel: "Human TV" Channel 7

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