romantic lyricLu JintangCreation Exhibition

  • Exhibition name:Romantic Lyric Lu Jintang's Creation Exhibition
  • Exhibition Date:August 20, 2020 to September 29, 2020
  • Exhibitors:Lu Jintang

A painting, tribute to "Romantic Lyrical"
Stop staring at the long series of ordinary days in the past
Embrace the emotions of nature and the desires of the soul at all times
The oxygen of life touches the lyrical experience of all things
as if
Lu Jintang

Lao Tzu said: Nothing in the world is soft and weaker than water, and nothing can be overcome by attacking the strong, because it cannot be easily changed. "Romantic and Lyrical" has poetic and pictorial fragments. The style of each painting represents the traces of Lu Jintang's journey. It is simple but dazzling, and it is shallow but touching. You can hear the rustling sound of weak branches from the slender brushstrokes; From the reflection in the lake, you can see that there is stillness in the movement of the water, and the softness and moisture of movement in the stillness. This is not an idealized landscape specially rendered by Lv Jintang, but a more lyrical inner feeling than nature is expressed through the scene in his eyes.
-Leila Huang-